So many people wonder why romantic fiction is so popular. I don’t.

I believe that romantic fiction’s popularity in North America, in particular, has to do with our lifestyles. We’re busy people (mostly women but some men do read it too) and perhaps finding romance in our every day lives is becoming more difficult to do. We crave romance, but today’s man is a little bit leery of acting like an alpha male, given the women’s liberation movement of the past four decades. 

Having said that, I believe that in the back of every woman’s mind is buried a desire to be rescued from the evil sorcerer, or the dangerous dragon, by her knight in white shining armor. I also have it on good authority that in the back of every man’s mind is a desire to be that knight in white shining armor. Seeing as there aren’t many evil sorcerers or dangerous dragons these days, this is where our romantic journey begins...

Copyright 2011 Brooke London